Category Firearms & Military
Auction Currency USD
Start Price 1,750.00 USD
Estimated at 3,500.00 - 4,500.00 USD
SABER. Overall length: 37 1/2". Blade length: 30 1/2". Plain blade with a wide fuller. Solid silver hilt with a plain guard and drop quillon. Plain knuckle bow, of a reverse P style, enters the pommel at the extreme base. The exceptionally well executed eagle head pommel can be described as an uncrested Philadelphia style. Certifiably antique ivory grip in the swelled Philadelphia manner. There is a 1 1/4" x 2” raised, rounded panel on one side that has diagonally incised decoration. At the base of the grip is a silver ferrule with scratched decoration on each side. Black leather scabbard with the original 3 silver mounts intact. CONDITION: blade has a medium gray, mottled patina, and the point is ever so slightly rounded. The hilt is exceptional with no damage or distortions. The pommel is undented, and the original peen is intact. Grip has a few very tight age cracks from drying. Scabbard is flaked but remains very solid. The mounts are original and complete, with the center mount having rudimentary incised decoration. (02-20965/BF). $3,500-4,500.