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& WESSON K-38 MASTERPIECE DA REVOLVERS. BOTH: Cals. 38 Spl. Bbls. 6" w/ ribs. Serrated ramp patridge sights w/ adj. rear sights. K frame 5 screw actions w/ pinned bbls. Six shot fluted cyls. Blue finishes w/ case colored hammers & triggers. Plain target stocks w/ S&W medallions. 1) S# K233625. Frame, bbl. & cyl. have full coverage factory Class A hand engraving consisting of vine type scroll w/ fancy borders along top strap & highlights w/ line accents on front receiver ring. The engraving is believed to be the very early work of Russell J. Smith. Case colored target hammer w/ serrated target trigger. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: factory letter. CONDITION: near excellent retaining 99% metal finish w/ a slight cyl. drag line. Grips have near excellent finish. Near excellent bore. Front sight has added red insert. (24-949). 2) S# K22175. Bbl., frame & cyl. have factory Class B engraving consisting of 3/4 coverage scroll w/ punch dot backgrounds. This is also believed to be the early work of Russell J. Smith. Case colored serrated combat trigger & target hammer. CONDITION: near excellent retaining 99% metal finish w/ a light cyl. drag line. Grips show small handling marks. Bright near excellent bore. (24-950). UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: Smith & Wesson letter signed by Roy G. Jinks, Historian, detailing the following information, "I have examined the K-38 Masterpiece serial number K 221755 that you sent to me. In my opinion I believe the engraving on this revolver is the very early work of Russell J. Smith. The style of the engraving show the heavy influence of Harry Jarvis who was the master engraver at S*W when Russ Smith began his employment with the company. The revolver is completed in the traditional Smith & Wesson Class B coverage. The development of the engraving coverages of A, B and C were incorporated by Harry Jarvis. While he was with the firm he insisted that the patterns be followed closely. Russ Smith adhered to his style of engraving durning his first few years with the company. This revolver is one of the handguns engraved in the Harry Jarvis style by Russ. It was engraved in the later part of 1954 and completed in the winter of 1955. The records indicate that it was shipped on February 1, 1956 to H.H. Harris Co., Chicago,III.. It was one of several engraved revolvers in the shipment. The invoice, number 951, list the revolver as Class B engraved, blue finish, Target Hammer, Rosewood Target Stocks and standard Patridge front sight. The interesting fact is that the companion revolver to this is your k-38 serial number K 233625 which was engraved in the Class A style and was part of the original set. It is my opinion that there is a third gun shipped with this set which was completed as a Class C engraved model. I have enjoyed looking at this pair of revolvers and glad to see them back together. Yours truly, Roy G. Jinks, Historian.". Both revolvers are housed in a Huey oaken & leather custom case S# 1354. Features include brass fittings & red suede fitted interior. Case care instructions & keys are included. CURIOS. $8,000-12,000 for lot.