Category Firearms & Military
Auction Currency USD
Start Price 1,500.00 USD
Estimated at 3,000.00 - 5,000.00 USD
FLINTLOCK POCKET PISTOLS BY DUNDERDALE MABSON & LABRON. Cal. 42. S# NSN. This partnership was at 25 Russell Street, Birmingham, between 1807 and 1821. These unusual all-brass pistols have 2-1/2" screw-off barrels. London-proofed brass boxlock frames have steel-reinforced cocks, sliding safetys, folding triggers, and frizzens with external springs. Pistols are engraved with the maker's name on the left side under some foliate engraving. The right sides are engraved with panoplay of flags, drums, and shields. Foliate engraving is on curved, flat-sided brass grips. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: pistols are housed in what appears to be their original mahogany case with an inlet shield on top. The case is lined in blue velvet and contains an iron bullet mold that casts a.47 caliber ball, brass, and copper three-compartment flask. A covered compartment contains some balls. An open compartment holds a flint, a leather pad for the jaw, and what appears to be the original key held in place by some tows. CONDITION: good. Pistols show old cleaning and polishing, with some softening around edges and engraving. They are currently toned to golden mustard. Steel parts have a dark brown patina. One pistol shows upward bending of the top plate with the rear screw missing. The other will not hold at full cock. Safety is operable. Triggers extend when brought to full cock. Bores are dark but smooth. The exterior of the case shows some added oil. Key escutcheon missing. Interior cloth is good with compressions. Accessories are good. (01-24340/MGM). ANTIQUE. $3,000-5,000.