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LETTER. 2 pages ALS, June 5, 1806, US Ship Essex, Gibraltar to Tobias Lear, Consul General USA, Algiers. Commodore Rodgers commanded nearly the entire American fleet as the Mediterranean squadron: Constitution, President, Constellation, Enterprise, Essex, Siren, Argus, Hornet, Vixen, Nautilus, Franklin, along with supporting gunboats. This massive presence forced the Peace Treaty with Tripoli earlier in 1805. Now Rogers could return to the USA. He details ship's return to New York delayed due to severe weather. He closes letter "…No doubt the gunboats will be sent directly back to the Mediterranean, after their arrival in America—This is singular work--God help our country!" John Rogers (1732-1838) patriarch of long history of American Admirals and Commodores. CONDITION: good, dark ink, hole caused by wax seal, the small portion of text still attached to red wax seal. Cover toned. PROVENANCE: Martin Lane Historic & Western Americana Lifetime Collection. (02-21994/JS). $500-1,000.