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EDWARD PREBLE. 1 page ALS, United States Ship Constitution, Syracuse Harbor [Sicily] January 31, 1804, ALS to Richard Henry O’Brien, Consular General USA, Algiers, copy for Col. Lear. After the crew of the USS Philadelphia were held as captive slaves by Mehmed Halet Pasha since Oct. 31, 1803, Preble had captured a ship with slaves of the Pasha and O’Brien had been captive for 10 years of the Basha and knew him well. "I believe the Basha has a disposition to make peace with the United States. For particulars I refer you to Col. Lear. Captain Bainbridge thinks with me, that if you would afford your services to your country by coming up here and remaining a few weeks with me to assist at any negotiations that may be entered into with Tripoli….". The 1st Barbary War was turning point in American history. Up to this point, our young country was paying fully 25% of Congressional funds to Barbary Coast potentates for tribute and bribes to keep their Navy from impressing American sailors and ships. The United States was becoming a potential world power after these first naval actions in Tripoli. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: short bio on Commodore Edward Preble (1761-1807). CONDITION: very good to fine, folds. PROVENANCE: Martin Lane Historic & Western Americana Lifetime Collection. (02-22002/JS). $1,000-2,000.