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TO LAST DUEL FOUGHT IN AMERICA. These 2 letters were part of the evidence in the sensational nationally covered trial of Col. Ellerbe Cash who killed Col. William Shannon near Bishopville, South Carolina July 5, 1880. The percussion pistols used were made in antebellum Charleston SC when dueling was a scourge of the country, especially in the South. Dueling had been outlawed in most states by the Civil War, but several infamous duels fought during the Civil War added more laws to the books. South Carolina had enacted stiff laws against dueling, or even challenging someone to a duel. Regardless, Col. Cash after two long trials that gained national newspaper coverage was acquitted. The South Carolina State Senate passed new laws in December of 1880 taking power away from local court systems and making it a capital crime to kill someone in a duel or be involved as second. The letter written by Shannon June 27, 1880 from Camdem challenging Col. Cash, ex-colonel 8th SC: "…In reply to the insulting contents I have to demand of you that redress which is usual under such circumstances. My friend Mr. WE Johnson will make all necessary arrangements for a hostile meeting". Cash responds following day: "…arranged with Mr. Johnson for a meeting between us when I hope to be able to accord to you the redress you demand". And both parties sign "respectfully". William B. Shannon was a captain in Holcombe's legion during the Civil War. Both parties very adept with handguns regardless of what the newspapers would say about poor William Shannon who fired first but missed, only to receive the next shot through his heart. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: copies of newspaper articles detailing the duel. CONDITION: good overall, not removed from frame, some light fading, but all text easily discerned. Both documents have evidence numbers and are initialed by the prosecutor. PROVENANCE: from Col. William Orbello Collection; Martin Lane Historic & Western Americana Lifetime Collection. (02-21423/JS). $800-1,200.