Category Firearms & Military
Auction Currency USD
Start Price 5,000.00 USD
Estimated at 10,000.00 - 15,000.00 USD
PISTOL BY WILLIAM MACLAUCHLAN OF EDINBURGH. Cal. 52. NSN. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited Scotland shortly after their marriage and this sparked a renewed interest in all things Scottish. This exceptionally well made early style pistol is by William MacLauchlan who was working in Edinburgh between 1806-1847. In style it resembles the classic pistols made by Murdoch and others in the area around Doune in the early 18th century. It has 7 5/8" barrel with fluted rear section which transitions to round with wedding band and then to octagonal through another band toward flared muzzle. Touch hole is gold lined. Correctly styled lock with Miquelet sear is fitted with serpentine cock, waterproof pan, bridled roller frizzen with roller on feather spring which has bulbous finial. Cock is decorated with Doune style star at top. All metal frame has rams horn butt and is fitted with ball trigger and matching ball vent pick. A belt hook with well filed thistle finial is affixed to left side of frame. Pistol is extensively decorated with inlaid silver lines as border for oval silver panels on sides of grip. Silver inlay also extends to front part of frame under barrel and cruciform areas at top of grip and bottom of frame in front of trigger. Frame, barrel and lock are engraved with near full coverage interplay of scrolls, acanthus and flowers. Lockplate engraved "MacLauchlan" "EDINBURGH" under a coiled sea monster. CONDITION: fine to very fine. Showing some wear but pistol does not appear to have been fired. Barrel, lock and belt hook were originally polished bright and are mostly silver to gray with some light scattered pitting. Frame retains about 30% original bright blue which is quite strong where protected. Silver is quite dark. Bore is bright and shiny. Mechanically fine. (01-21917/MGM). ANTIQUE. $10,000-15,000.