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Category Firearms & Military
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Estimated at 800.00 - 1,250.00 USD
1) SPRINGFIELD 1898 KRAG RIFLE. CAL. 30-40 Krag. S# 211821. Bbl. 22" sporterized Model 1898 U.S. KRAG rifle. Model 1902 rear sight graduated to 2,000 yards. Sliding peep has been removed. Front sight relocated on short bbl. & fitted w/ Lyman bead type blade. Original stock replaced by pistol grip style sporter stock w/ raised cheek piece. Forend retains original lower band w/ swivel. Black "Decelerator" recoil pad. Stock has very coarse checkering pattern. Workmanship is of hobbyist gunsmith caliber. CONDITION: stock is not well fitted to rifle. It has been broken & repaired at the wrist. Crack on right side at forend tip. Wood has been repaired between mag. & bolt handle. Metal retains 50% original blue finish w/ wear and spots of light oxidation. Shallow dents on left receiver rail & wrench marks on bbl. over chamber. Mag. cutoff is not present. Fair worn bore. (24-2062/RW). MODERN 2) ROCK ISLAND 1903 RIFLE. CAL. 30-06. S# 345723. Bbl. 24" replacement bbl. marked "SA", flaming bomb, "7-44". Ladder rear sight w/ volley notch graduated to 2850 yards. Sight base is replacement made w/out lightening cuts. Blade front sight. Receiver has added "Hatcher Hole". Bolt is Model 1903-A3 replacement marked "R" under bolt handle. Cutoff is marked "R". All milled furniture including smooth trap buttplate. Walnut stock set. Straight MKI stock cut for Pedersen Device ejection port w/ grasping grooves. Stock has 2 recoil bolts. Is marked under grip "P". "Kerr Nobuckl" web sling. UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: plastic oiler in butt. 15 3/4" fullered blade bayonet. Bright ricasso is marked "U.F.H.", Flaming bomb, "U.S. 1942". Ribbed composite grips w/ remnants of white rack numbers. "U.S." marked green plastic scabbard w/ belt hook. Bayonet has been sharpened & shows grinding marks on both blade and cross guard. Blade has wear and light pitting throughout. Grips have extensive wear. Scabbard in good serviceable condition. CONDITION: stock set has arsenal rework finish w/ considerable loss of wood notable around grasping grooves. Inletted repair at heel. Missing chip at buttplate tang. Crack behind receiver tang, repaired w/ brass pin. Metal has 70% arsenal rework finish w/ thinning & wear. Good shiny bore w/ lightly worn lands. (24-2066/RW). CURIO. BOTH $800-1,250.