Category Firearms & Military
Auction Currency USD
Start Price 6,500.00 USD
Estimated at 13,000.00 - 17,000.00 USD
FLINTLOCK. Cal. 54. NSN. The Model 1917 is unique among US flintlock rifles, it was solely produced by contractors. Nathan Starr & Son produced a total of 10,020 on contracts awarded between 1823 and 1840. Bbl. 35 7/8" round. Integral blade front sight and fixed V notch rear sight. Breech end of bbl. is marked "US" over a "P" proof mark over "JM" inspector's initials. Bbl. tang is dated "1855". Case colored lock, hammer and frizzen with brass pan. Lock plate forward of hammer is marked "U.S. / N. STARR". Lock plate behind hammer is dated "1824" over address "MIDn CON.". Three band fastened full length stock with distinctive oval iron patchbox on right side. Other iron fittings include buttplate, finger curled trigger guard, side plate, bbl. bands with spring fasteners, original sling swivels and brass tipped iron ramrod. Left ear of stock has a clear "JW" cartouche. Inspector's marks "W" are found at point of left stock ear and at rear of left bbl. flat. Peak of buttplate is stamped "U.S.". UNATTACHED ACCESSORIES: patch worm, J shaped screwdriver and a few cloth patches were located in the patchbox. CONDITION: NRA Antique fine. Bbl. retains over 80% original browned finish showing scrapes and handling marks. Lock plate, hammer and frizzen retain over 70% lightly faded case colors. Iron fittings have a very good brown appearance. Stock retains original finish showing handling marks and small dents with small crack extending from left side of buttplate and grain check along left side. Bore is generally bright retaining sound seven groove rifling with ring visible at muzzle indicating relining. Sound lock. (01-24667/DS). ANTIQUE. $13,000-17,000.